Divorcing your spouse can be a very expensive affair, according to a research. Market research firm IBISWorld identified key industries which benefit from love gone wrong that includes legal services, counsellors, childcare, online dating sites and wedding services for divorcees who remarry.

General manager of IBISWorld (Australia) Karen Dobie told the Sydney Morning Herald that the average cost of a straight divorce was 3600-dollar-per-couple, while a contested one was just under 10,000 dollars.

The findings say that the number of divorces in Australia had risen from 47,209 a year to 51,311 in the past five years and in that time the overall cost had risen by 13.5 percent to 184.1 million dollars, while contested divorce costs rose 14.7 per cent to 155.5 million dollars.

IBISWorld said that divorce accounted for about 6 percent of the personal legal services industry, generating revenue of about 185-million-dollar-a-year.

Dobie said that the complexities of divorces, involving the division of assets and the care of children or loved ones, means people are inclined to seek the advice of lawyers.

Individual and family counselling accounted for about a fifth of the personal welfare services industry.

For divorcees, who are keen to start dating, an entire industry has sprung up to help them make the first move from the comfort of their homes.