Mumbai (Agencies): Getting a haircut that suits you isn't always easy. And we don't blame you if you get butterflies in your tummy while you're in the stylist's chair. CS +ve gets Kanta Motwani of Kromakay to list out five things that you need to tell your stylist for a haircut that is 'you.'


1. Your lifestyle: For starters your stylist needs to know your hair habits -- the kind of products that you use and the number of times that you wash your hair.


2. Your profession: You can't be sporting a hairstyle out of a glossy that appeals to you. Men who are bankers for instance, will get a few frowns if they show up with long hair. So make sure you discuss your profession with your stylist.


3. Hair problems: If you've got a dandruff or hairfall problem, share it with your stylist. She'll know exactly what products to give you to make your new cut look stunning.


4. Your hair regime: The amount of time you're going to spend every morning fussing over your hair plays an important role in the hairstyle that you can sport. If you're usually late for work, you can't possible have a high maintenance cut.


5. Your preferred style: Most importantly, you need to be comfortable with your cut. So tell your stylist how long you want the bangs to be and what colour you like on your crown.