Bidiwala said that the disciplinary committee looks to be a sham and questioned the intentions of the Sports Authority of India (SAI) and GFI president Jaspal Singh Kandhari.
"The president did set up a committee soon after the matter was reported but as a General Secretary I have received no update on the report," Bidiwala said.
"If they would have concluded the report then I would  have had no hesitation in giving my judgement. I can disqualify the accused, whoever is found guilty, till the 2016 Olympics and debar the person from attending the event in Rio de Janeiro," added Bidiwala.
An international-level gymnast and a gymnastics coach, who were part of the Asian Games squad in Incheon, were booked for allegedly passing obscene comments and making vulgar gestures at a woman player on September 2 evening during a practice session at Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium.      

Bidiwala, who was elected GFI General Secretary in 2011, is about to end his term in four months' time but is not willing to see injustice prevailing in that period.
"Like everybody, I am also awaiting the disciplinary report. And I have valid reasons for fearing that nothing is going to come out of it as there is no lady in the three-member committee, which is a must in a case of sexual harassment against a girl," said Bidiwala.
The girl, a trainee-level gymnast, in question did lodge a police complaint against the two senior men, who she said passed vulgar remarks about her clothes.
Kandhari said that the disciplinary procedure will only happen after the police submit their investigation report.
"The girl had filed a police case and now the matter is with the police. We cannot intervene in police matters and will only conclude our report after the police submit their's," said Kandhari.

It was also reported that the accused coach and player are from 'Services', which really baffled Bidiwala.
"I am not coming to any conclusion. But I am surprised that the Services guys haven't really done anything about it. When we talk of Services, we talk of discipline but here we see none," said Bidiwala.
Lamenting the lack of respect towards girls and such kind of behaviour in sports, Bidiwala, who himself was a professional gymnast, coach and judge, said that instant action is the need of the hour.
"Should girls try to stop getting coached in India. If the remark was unintentional then the coach should have had the courtesy to say sorry. As a coach one should acted responsibly. But that was not the case now everybody for some reasons are trying to play cover-up," said Bidiwala.
"Look I was and will always be sportsperson. My views and values will always be different from the views and values of administrators and politicians, who are just here for their own set of goals," he added.
After a disappointing show by the Indian gymnasts in Incheon, the team is slated to return home on October 7.

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