Ghaziabad: Uttar Pradesh Irrigation Minister Shivpal Singh Yadav on Saturday distributed cheques to the families of those killed in the clash between police and protestors at a police station in Masuri town near Ghaziabad on September 14.

The Rs.5,00,000 cheques were distributed in the collectorate meeting hall under heavy security. Local Samajwadi Party MLAs and civil and police officers were present in the meeting.

Terming the Masuri incident as 'unfortunate', Yadav informed that the divisional commissioner had initiated an inquiry into the incident which would be conducted with total transparency and judiciously.

The minister later visited Yashoda Hospital to meet two critically injured police constables who are being treated there.

The riot at Masuri happened, when an irate mob marched to the police station in Masuri on the night of Sep 14, attacked it and set it on fire along with 20 other vehicles.

The mob had gathered after a copy of the Quran was discovered in the area and found to be desecrated, its pages filled with graffiti. Six people were killed when policemen retaliated to the mob attack. At least 25 others were injured.

They include the two constables who are currently in hospital in a critical condition.


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