Kaushambi: The skewed game of turning the dead alive and vice versa for minting money in the name of old age and widow pensions is in full swing in Uttar Pradesh. In what could be seen as the effect of distort functioning in administration, the ghost recipients are receiving pensions under old age and widow pension schemes.

While several people unsuccessfully run from pillar to post for their pension, some are withdrawing pension even after their death.

While several ghost pensioners are fleecing the public exchequer, the pension beneficiaries in the village of Social Welfare Minister Indrajeet Saroj are devoid of the scheme.

Kaushambi, which is a popular Jain and Buddhist pilgrim centre, is witnessing such a situation in three of its sub-divisions, namely Chayal, Majhanpur and Sirathu. Until now, over 275 senior citizens of Shahzadpur were receiving pensions. However, at least 70 of them were marked dead in this year’s list.

The same is the story with Tihapur village, where at least 163 people are entitled for old-age pension, 21 women are registered for widow pension.

“Only those who are connected get pension,” alleged 65-yr-old Shiva Devi of Tihapur.