"A combination of class and chic, velvet nail art will give you a rich look. It will go with every look, be it formal or informal it will be a accurate pick for your nails to go with," said Munjaal, who has worked with several Bollywood celebrities like Sonakshi Sinha, Soha Ali Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez.

Velvet nail art can be done in multiple colours - orange, blue and red. It can be done through a simple process:

- Take a velvet paper sheet and smoothly scratch the velvet flakes.
- Collect the velvet flakes in a bowl.
- Apply base coat on nails.
- Now apply the velvet flakes coloured nail paint on finger.
- Quickly pick the velvet flakes and start pasting it lightly over all wet painted fingers.
- Once it's very well and thoroughly applied, remove the extra or left out flakes.
- Now with a round and flat mouth nail art stick, lightly press the flakes on nail paint. Don't press it too hard.
- Top coat is not required, as natural velvety feel is more in fashion.