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LED or Fairy lights: Wind some subtly sparkling lights around a bed head or make a spiral of lights and place on household objects around the house. This also gives you a pretty good excuse to dim the main lights and get him in the mood for a bit of cosy winter loving.

Seductive winter scents: It has been scientifically proven that men love the smell of both cinnamon and vanilla. There are room sprays and scented candles to cater to this. Another tip is to add sage or rosemary to a bunch of flowers to give off glorious wafts of seasonal scent.

Sheepskin underfoot: Sheepskin rugs by the bed are one of life's small luxuries and they don’t come with a huge price tag either. Stepping out of bed and onto a cloud of soft wool is a way to create a luxury feel.

Small baked goods and truffles: Little chocolate truffles made with whiskey are easy to make as are small cinnamon cookies, so have a few tasty treats on wintery white platters or cake stands in your living area or kitchen that you can eat.

A breakfast in bed: All men love a good feast in the morning. A great variation on a traditional big breakfast can be mini pastries heated up or mini bagels with smoked salmon and cream cheese.


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