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Give your house a festive look this Diwali

Diwali, the festival of lights not only enlightens your home but lits up mind and soul too. It brings with an aura of positive energy which removes out the rivalry or grudges from your inner side. Diwali filled the joy and happiness in your life. So why not we take an opportunity to decorate our dream home in a festive look.

Rangoli decoration

Rangoli means a creative expression of art through the use of colour. Making rangoli on the occasion of Diwali is a very ancient tradition. Starting its journey from Maharashtra, Rangoli travelled to Bengal in the form of alpana, reached Uttarakhand in the name of epan and got named kolam in South India. Rangoli fills the house with colours. Whether it is made with flowers-leaves, colours, rice or pulses- it looks beautiful in every form. Decorate house with a rangoli at your entrance door and pooja room, also make foot prints of Lakshmiji. These signs signify the advent of prosperity and happiness in your house.

Festival is a medium to break through the monotony of life. It also gives us the opportunity to increase bonding with our relatives. For an auspicious start, the first pre-requisite is a clean and beautiful house. But often too many things bought during festivals clutter the interiors and we are at a loss. So, here’s potter and artist Anju Kumar giving some helpful tips for interior decoration during Diwali.

Home decorating tips

1.    Lakshmi-Ganesh and Buddha statues, diyaas and decorative pieces of tulsi chaura create a beautiful ambience and also offer spirituality.

2.    If your house is small, highlight only one corner. Put one or two decorative vases with fresh flowers. This freshens up your mind as well.

3.    A wall painting of nature or a modern tapestry can also be a focal point in your house.

4.    Make a small tulsi chaura either in balcony or in a corner near the entrance door. This will create a spiritual effect at home.

5.    Diwali is incomplete without rangoli. Apart from colours and flowers, you can also make a beautiful rangoli using leaves or tree branches.

6.    Decorate the entrance of your house with festoons and wind chimes. Visitors will surely like this.

7.    You can also use candles, candle holders, kandeels apart from diyaas to give your house that special look.

8.    Artistic plant and planters also makes the house look beautiful.    

Decorate with flowers

I (Anju Kumar) decorate my house with fresh flowers on Diwali. My house is painted in neutral tones. I usually like simplicity. That is why to break the monotony of my house I use bright colours during Diwali. Even beautiful plants and planters add to the charm. I like everything related to nature. Being a potter, I like vases of different shapes and sizes. I try to give a natural look to my house during this festival.

Spiritual importance

For me Diwali has great spiritual significance. We worship Goddess Lakshmi on the eve of Diwali. The focal point in my house is ‘pooja ghar’. While entering my house your eyes will automatically rest on the seated Ganpati. We decorate our house with fresh marigold flowers and roses. On Diwali, we worship the old idols along with new ones. I wash all the idols with milk and lit lots of incense sticks.

Festival with family

I have a very small family comprising of my husband and my pilot son Anmol. He comes home every Diwali. This festival gives us an opportunity to spend quality time with each other. We worship together, decorate the house and visit friends and relatives. Really, festivals make our relationships strong.

10 quick tips from Sakhi

1.    No time to paint your house? Don’t worry. Clean your house properly. If your wall paints have worn out, hand a beautiful wall painting or wall carpet.

2.    Take care of indoor plants. Get their trimming and cutting done. Paint the planters with attractive colours. This will also give a personal touch to your house.

3.    Hectic schedule might not give the chance to prepare for interior decorations in advance. But you still can give a new look to your house by opting for small changes here and there.

4.    Put one decorative lamp on the corner table. Fill it with water and rose petals.

5.    There are many decorative candles, lamps or kandeels available in the market which you can use to decorate your house. Hang kandeels in balcony, dining area and windows. Single kandeels create an effect which cannot be beaten by any other decorative pieces.

6.    The choice of fabric is also important during festival. Change the curtains, cushions, bedsheets and carpets in your house. Doing only this will give your house a totally new look.

7.    Artistic diyaas, fragrant incense sticks, candles and candle holders also help in enhancing the beauty of the house.

8.    If you are a connoisseur of nature, use tree leaf, shells and shiny stones in an artistic way to give your house a unique and beautiful look.

9.    On the eve of Diwali, light arrangement is very important. Get the light fitting done from your electrician.

10.    Decorate your entrance door with fresh flowers. Put festoons. This will enlighten your mood.

Gifting ideas

1.    Lord Ganesha is worshipped before starting any auspicious work. So gifting small and beautiful idols of Ganesha during Diwali is the best option. It also acts as a lucky sign.

2.    Even colourful diyaas in various shapes and forms are very much in trend these days. These can also be great gifting options for Diwali.

3.    Camphor burners and floating candles can also be gifted during Diwali.

4.    You can give small plants, planters, vases or lamps as Diwali gift.

5.    You can also opt for a small tulsi chaura as a gift.

6.    A beautiful painting, fragrant incense sticks or a pen stand can also win anyone’s hearts.

7.    Chocolates, biscuits, cookies and sweets are traditional gifts for Diwali. Apart from this, you can also give perfumed candles, candle holders, crockery sets, gold or silver coins to your beloved ones this Diwali eve.  


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