New Delhi: Stepping up pressure to act against terror outfits including those who masterminded Mumbai terror attack, India on Tuesday demanded Pakistan to divulge the details of wanted Indian terrorist Dawood Ibrahim, who has been hiding in Pakistan since long.

Tearing apart Pakistan Interior Minister Rehamn Malik’s claim that Dawood was not in Pakistan, Home Secretary G K Pillai asked Malik to provide the whereabouts of Dawood if he is dead sure that the wanted fugitive is not taking shelter in Pakistan.

"If Rehman is so sure that Dawood is not in Pakistan, he should tell us where is he. According to our information, Dawood is in Pakistan and has made bases in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad,” Pillai said.

Rehman Malik had earlier claimed that just because Dawood is married to a Pakistani woman, it does not mean that he is in Pakistan.

Expressing excitement over the inclusion of ISI official Major Iqbal’s name in the Chicago trial, Pillai said, “This is just a chargesheet, but we are expecting there would a speedy trial on the basis of it. We should wait for the trial to get over instead of jumping the gun. ” However, he refused to comment on Pakistan and ISI on the basis of the latest development.

India has also decided to submit the recovered carton of the GPS devices used during 26/11 Mumbai attacks as evidence to Pakistan.

According to sources, the agencies investigating 26/11 attacks have unearthed more evidence that will prove that Mumbai attacks strategy was plotted in Pakistan. The carton recovered from a house in Karachi is said to bear the same product code and model number as the GPS devices seized after the 26/11 attack.