"Looking at globally, has the globalisation helped or not helped?, of course jury is still not out on it, there are countries which will say they have been benefited, others who say they have not been benefited and both are true," he said.
"But if you see global economy as a whole, it has significantly expanded in the last twenty to twenty-five years and the expansion has been phenomenally different than any other period in the economic history of the world," he said.
Speaking at the ICAI International Conference on "Accountancy profession: Building Global Competitiveness: Accelerating Growth" organised by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, he said it also happened largely because of huge expansion that was done by it.
"China has strongly expanded....it has become USD 9 trillion economy which was smaller than India in 1978 and that has now changed..." he said.
Prabhu said, "One country which has immensely benefited from globalisation is China. In fact if you go to any country including Europe, US, Asia, Africa you will find always skeptics about globalisation, but this is one country in the world where you go they will say globalisation is good. How did they do it? How did they benefit from it?"

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