Dubai: A global centre for countering terrorism and violent extremism will open in the UAE's capital Abu Dhabi next year, a news report here has said.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton detailed the ambitions of the new organisation at the launch of a Global Counter-terrorism Forum, according to a media report.

The centre, which is headed by the US and Turkey, would provide training for governments of the European Union and 29 other countries – including 11 Muslim-majority nations – in border security and criminal justice.

The forum's Global Centre for Excellence in Countering Violent Extremism will be established in Abu Dhabi because "the US and Abu Dhabi have a very good working relationship," a newspaper quoted US State Department spokeswoman Nicole Thompson as saying.

The Abu Dhabi centre will provide a platform for training government officials, non-governmental organisations and community leaders to reduce the number of recruits for terrorist organisations, undermine radical ideologies and thwart plans and attacks, the report said.

The transition of countries such as Egypt from emergency law to democratic rule will be a major focus of the forum.

This is not the first bid to establish an international counterterrorism network. The Group of Eight forum formed the Counterterrorism Action Group in 2003, but meetings have not been held in recent years.

"Both recognise the threat posed to people around the world, and it is a matter of a country stepping up and saying this is important and wanting to play a key role," Thompson said.

The costs for the forum and the centre have not been finalised, though officials estimated that the programming for a working group of experts on the rule of law will cost at least 275 million dirhams.

That group will attempt to build stronger legal institutions to train police, prosecutors and legislators to handle terrorism cases in civilian courts.

The forum will have committees focusing on three regions: the Sahel, the Horn of Africa and Southeast Asia.