Washington (Agencies): A global campaign has been launched by several international civil society organisations asking French President Nicolas Sarkozy and G20 to make commitment for ending tax haven secrecy.

The campaign will showcase an interactive platform for people around the world to make their voices heard.

"The G20 must take action when it meets in Cannes, France to end tax haven secrecy," Global Financial Integrity director Raymond Baker said.

“It is time the world's largest and most powerful economies make a concerted effort to tackle the problem of tax havens," Baker said.

Global Financial Integrity recently released 'Illicit Financial Flows from Developing Countries: 2000-2009', where it estimates that developing countries lost USD 1.23 trillion in 2008, alone to crime, corruption and tax evasion.

GFI estimates that these illicit outflows are ten times the amount of Official Development Assistance.

The organisations involved in the campaign are Christian Aid (UK), Tax Justice Network Africa, Tax Justice Network (UK), Global Financial Integrity (US), Intermon (Spain), Inspiraction (Spain), Action Aid, Oxfam International, CCFD Terre Solidaire (France), CRBM (Italy) and Eurodad (a coalition of European organisations).