London: A new global poll has showed that India along with US, Canada and Australia ranks among the nations with the best cultures in the world for people to start a new business.

Most countries surveyed in Asia were found to have a well-developed entrepreneurship culture, and except Pakistan, all had good ratings on the entrepreneur-friendly index.

Indonesia scored the highest ratings of all participating countries in the survey (2.81), just ahead of the US.

India and Australia were ranked fourth (2.73) and fifth (2.72), while China and the Philippines also rate relatively high (2.66 and 2.62 respectively).

Pakistan with a rating of only 2.35 on the index was below the global average of 2.49.

However, almost all countries in the region have solid majorities saying that there are some barriers to starting a new business in their country.

Chinese and Filipinos are the most likely to think this way (76 percent), followed by Indians (72 percent) and Indonesians (69 percent), all above the global average of 67 percent.

While India finds itself bracketed with the better ranked countries, Colombia, Egypt, Turkey, Italy and Russia are the least friendly to innovation and entrepreneurship, showed results of the 24-country BBC World Service poll.

The world's two major economies - US and China – are also among the most favourable countries for innovation and creativity, according to the results.

In both nations, 75 percent say that their country values innovation and creativity -- second only to Indonesia (85 percent), and well ahead of other emerging economies such as Brazil (54 percent) and India (67 percent).

At the other end of the scale, only 24 percent of Turks and 26 percent of Russians and Egyptians say they feel that innovation and creativity is valued in their country.

The results are drawn from a survey of 24,537 adult citizens across 24 countries, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, Spain, Turkey, the UK, the US, among others.

The GlobeScan poll features in a series of special reports on the BBC's international news services, called Extreme World.

The GlobeScan/PIPA survey of more than 24,000 people asked people how hard they felt it was for people like them to start a business in their country, whether their country values creativity and innovation, whether it values entrepreneurs and whether people with good ideas can usually put them into practice.

Taking all four questions into account, Indonesia ranked highest as the most entrepreneur-friendly of the countries surveyed, followed closely by the US.

The poll found that majorities in 23 out of 24 countries polled thought it was hard for people like them to start a business in their country.

Brazilians emerge as the most downbeat, with 84 percent agreeing that this is the case.

Germans are the most upbeat, with less than half feeling it is hard to start a business in Germany (48 percent), and Australians (51 percent) and Canadians (55 percent) also relatively positive compared to other nations.