London: The Kung Fu Panda star and Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie regards modern education system as bad and prefers home tutoring for her kids instead.

"The education system is so bad. I do think we live in a different age and the education system hasn't caught up with our children and our way of life," the 35-year-old actress said.

Whereas, Brangelina’s globe-trotting has been criticized which prevents them to enroll their kids in school. The family has a home in New Orleans and another in the French Rivera, but they spend a lot of time traveling.

Jolie has been criticised for dragging her children with her across the globe instead of sending them to school, but the mother-of-six claims their lifestyle is far more educational for her kids than the modern school system.

Jolie prefers to hire tutors and home school her and
Brad Pitt's growing brood, which includes Maddox, nine; Pax, seven; Zahara, six; Shiloh, five and two-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne.

"But we travel and I'm the first person to say, 'Get
the school work done as quickly as possible because let's go out and explore. Instead of tomfoolery in the class room, I'd rather them go to a museum and learn to play guitar and read and pick a book they love," said Jolie.

Long-time partner Brad Pitt, 47, shares his lover's disdain with the schooling system, describing their clan as a 'nomadic family'.

"We're in an international programme, so wherever we
go it's the same curriculum," he said in a 2009 interview.
The children have been enrolled in the French
schooling system, the Lycee programme, in cities including New York, Prague and Venice, which is taught to them by nannies and specialist teachers.