Concerted efforts and positive ambience are said to be the bedrock of development, but the Prime Minister’s stress on removing gloomy situation during his address to the National Development Council meeting and state governments’ anguish over step-motherly treatment of the Centre indicates that everything is not hunky-dory. With his speech, the Prime Minister seems to have got a sense that the cloud of disappointment has cast over the country, but it is not clear if he has an idea that scams and scandals, which happened under his nose, are the potent reason behind this negative situation across the country and the Central government has not been much keen on taking action against the culprits. What surfaces from this gloomy scene that the Centre has no control over its corrupt people. To make the matter worse, when there was a demand for taking concrete steps against corruption, a lackluster response came from the government’s end saying no magic wand to remove graft from the system.

There is much talk about the National Development Council’s meet, as nearly all non-UPA ruled states have pinned blames on the Centre for its non-cooperating attitude. According to these state governments, the Central establishment takes unilateral decision in every issue. So, it is difficult to reach conclusion that non-UPA ruled state governments put groundless blame on the Centre. It cannot be ruled out that state governments are not performing well in implementation of the schemes. In fact, the state governments have also shown their slackness in the execution of developmental and welfare schemes. One cannot disagree with the Prime Minister’s statement that there is a need of keeping a balance between political agenda and national agenda and if a lopsided scene develops, both the Centre and state governments should be held accountable. The cacophony between states and Centre during the National Development Council’s meet does not augur well. If both the Centre and state governments don’t ponder over their mistakes, murkier scenes are bound to appear in the country and innocent people will have to face the brunt.