These buttons, in fact, allow the users to perform specific actions without even opening the e-mail if the messages contain links to a web service or a calendar based invite or a flight confirmation notification. The new update in this service will allow the visitors not only to rate and review restaurants they ordered from on Seamless, but also modify OpenTable reservations (US only). YouTube and Vimeo clips can now be opened as soon as they've finished uploading with a new "view video" quick action button.

The update will also enable users to straightaway open files and documents in a Dropbox folder or on Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides that are already present on the e-mail. Now, the “Quick Action” buttons will also give you the access to perform these operations outside Gmail.

Google has also given complete authority to the sender to select the actions and determine the button text as per their choices. The internet giant assured that it will continue to add more such buttons in order to make Gmail more user-friendly.