Oauth adds an extra layer of protection and allows users to take advantage of security features like two-step verification and account recovery. The update, which fixes several bug and improves the performance, will be rolling out over the next few days.

Google had quietly rolled out a new login screen for Gmail and split the process into separate process to prepare for future authentication systems that complement passwords. The new update separates the login process where earlier users needed to enter their username and password on the same page.

The users will now have to enter the username first and then they will be directed to a second page where they will have to enter the password. According Google, the changes was implemented to prepare for “future authentication systems that complement passwords.”

Google is now allowing everyone to download and use the Inbox by Gmail app without an invite. Google has also added a good amount of updates to Inbox by Gmail. A new Trip Bundles feature clubs all the emails about a trip into a single bundle.

For example, if you have planned for a trip to say Goa and have multiple bookings in the form of flight, hotel and cab - all the emails detailing this information will be put together in one easy to access bundle.