Bhopal: Keeping in mind the future requirements, a master plan will be formulated to provide state of the art facilities at the Gandhi Medical College (GMC). The proposal for a master plan worth Rs 1,000 crore in this regard was approved in a meeting of the self-ruled committee of GMC presided over by Mahendra Hardiya, Medical Education Minister, Madhya Pradesh.

After giving a nod to the admission and procurement rules format which were framed for the first time, the committee members also gave a nod to the group insurance policy of medical students. In the meeting, a budget of Rs 24 crore was approved for 2011-12.

MP Kailash Joshi, Principal Secretary of Medical Education IS Dagi, Commissioner Manoj Srivastav, Dean of GMC Dr Nirvaya Srivastav and Director of Hanidiya Hospital SK Pal were present in the meeting.

Hardiya agreed to the proposal of keeping a certain amount of money with the Director of GMC, given by the government under a relief fund which could be used by the people suffering from serious diseases and particularly those who come under the BPL.

“Sometimes situations come when the people hailing from the down trodden section of society are suffering from serious diseases but due to lack of funds their treatment is delayed. This sometimes proves to be fatal,” he said.

The Minister claimed that a proposal in this regard would be forwarded to the state government for approval.

In the meeting a budget of Rs 25 Lakh was approved for the training programmes of the working doctors, officials and workers. As per the programme, a training calendar will be prepared and working doctors, officials and workers will be trained in two stages.

The first stage of training will be for technicians, whereas in the second phase medical education will cover the doctors.