Greater Noida: The Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA), which pushed for acquisition of the land despite resistance from farmers by using the emergency clause, has now taken the initiative to placate the farmers.

By leaving no stone unturned to lure the aggrieved farmers, GNIDA has said that no land would be allocated without salvaging the farmers objections, emergency clause won’t be brought into effect, the process of allocating the land at 6 percent would be fastened. Besides, the process of back-lease (where the already leased land by the farmers to the authority can be returned to the farmer again) would be started in this week itself and for which a three member committee would be formed.

The CEO, Greater Noida Authority, Rama Raman has assured that the objections of the farmers would be first heard under Clause 5A and only after their satisfaction, the Clause 6 would come into play. “As soon as we receive orders from the government, we will start the process. And for this if the farmers want us to come to the Panchayat, we would do that,” he added.

Referring to an incident Raman said, two months back, farmers of the villages of Vedpura, Roja Jalalpur, Chipiyana Bujurg, Jan Samana and Accheja had raised objections to the land acquisition under Clause 4 but it could not be resolved as the proposal was sent was to the government. Till date, the authority has resolved the objections of over 10,000 farmers in three dozen villages. 

With the scraping of land acquisition policy by the Supreme Court in a Noida Extension case, the GNIDA has now indulged itself in the faith-building measure. As per the measure, it is holding talks with the farmers through open meetings.

Investors to get money back with interest

GNIDA has assured the investors of the Noida extension that the stake-holders will get their invested money back with the interest on it. Besides, relief has also been given to the builders and farmers who have already got the compensation.

Rama Raman said, “The builders can collect their money back from the authority anytime. Also, the farmers who have spent their compensation amount will not be forced to pay it back, whereas, the authority will make agreements on new terms. The land will be allotted on new prices and will be registered with the authority in which the compensation amount will be adjusted.”

However, the dream home investors are still in a pool. Waiting for an alternative home under various schemes, now the investors want the authority to act like a middleman and assure the banks in this regard.