Greater Noida: The Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA) has finally woken up to the gravity of the situation and has made it clear to the illegal colonisers that the authority will take strict actions against illegal colonies which have come up in Saberi area and the nearby villages.

Giving an ultimatum to the encroachers, the GNIDA has said the illegal occupation will not be tolerated and the authority will start a demolition drive to remove the encroachment adding that no new construction will be allowed even in the open land areas. The authority has also asked the villagers and farmers to abstain from occupying any land illegally.

Going by the stringent rules, the authority would register a complaint in the police station against those colonisers indulging in developing illegal colonies.

At present, 1108 new registries have been made for developing new colonies while at six places construction work is already in progress.

Keeping this in mind, GNIDA CEO Rama Raman appealed farmers not to take law in their hands. He said, “If builders are indulged in construction works on prohibited lands then farmers should register complaints. Authority would vacate the land which is ‘on stay’.”

“Developers and builders are not allowed to do any construction in the notified areas. If anyone is found to do so, strict action would be taken against him,” he added.

The demolition drive of the GNIDA would affect the construction work on all the 1108 registered lands which include plots of 60, 100, 120 and 200 square meters in Saberi. However, construction work has not started so far on all the registered lands.