Mumbai: The monsoon can be a great time to hit the road, especially with the idea of rain-swept roads, crisp breeze and green swathes on either side. Still, before you reach this stage, it's important that you read up on these tips to have a safe driving trip.

Wipers need immediate attention during the rains. Clean them to remove any stuck dry leaves or twigs and you have some water swirls on your screen that means the wipers need to be replaced due to cut in them!
Prior to the rains, get your wheel alignment done. Also maintain the required air pressure in the tyres and check if the threads have worn out.

The rains aren't a reason to avoid you car cleaning duty! Ensure that you clean your car at least once a week and check for scratches on the surface paint, which need to be redone as they are gateways to rusting.

Visibility is the most important factor while driving in the rains. Hence, check all your lights. Also, your AC helps remove condensation. Ensure no water is seeping in the cabin to avoid short-circuit and damage to interiors.

Drive slowly during the first rains as the wheels need some time to find traction wet surface and try and maintain a steady speed. Keep the car in lower gear for better braking or keep the engine revved if the water level is higher than your exhaust pipe. Also braking distances increase significantly during rains. So, keep a safe distance.

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