Mumbai: The scent of Alphonso mangoes in the air can mean only one thing summer, which also means that it's time to upgrade your fitness, diet and beauty regime. Get a glance at 10 celebrated lifestyles to get in 'famous' shape.

Charlize Theron

Last seen in: The Road

Wellness mantra: "Live a good life and have good thoughts, it shows."

Summer is the weather Charlize yearns for all year, so she can put on her sports shoes and work out outside. An avid runner, yoga practitioner and swimmer, the warm weather allows the 35-year-old to indulge in all her favorite fitness pastimes. Charlize has studied ballet for years and still loves to dance.

Diet: The South African actress is a red meat enthusiast! A typical breakfast includes steak and eggs. Charlize sticks to her low-carbohydrate diet and adds loads of fresh fruit juices and water to stay hydrated.

Beauty tip: Charlize swears by splashing cold water on the face and a good sunscreen to protect her skin.

Kristin Davis

Last seen in: Sex and the City 2

Wellness mantra: The best beauty gift I've ever given myself is staying smoke-free. Real beauty is about being true to you."

Summer is the perfect time to take her dogs for long walks and runs. Kristin also enjoys doing yoga and Pilates in the outdoors.

Diet: Kristin's diet has evolved over the years. She believes that moderation is the key to good eating habits, and so doesn't believe in depriving herself of anything. In the summers, the actress includes chicken, salmon, eggs and salads in her diet to avoid feeling full and lethargic. Her favorite summer treat is icecream, which she says she can't get enough of!

Beauty tip: Sunscreen. According to Kristin, it's the greatest self-protection tool. For that sun-kissed glow, Kristin slaps on her favorite chocolate-flavored organic self-tanner that she can't imagine life without.

Shraddha Kapoor
Last seen in: Wake Up Sid

Wellness mantra: "Stay true to yourself. Everything else is secondary."

Summer is lots of colour! But no reason to alter her fitness routine, as she practices Ashtanga yoga, which she considers a "peaceful and productive" alternative to going to the gym.

Diet: Shraddha is not very strict with herself when it comes to food, and enjoys spicy food. In the summer, she tries to strike a balance between eating light and spicy foods to avoid feeling heavy. Summer is also the time for cool drinks that include mocktails, fresh fruit juices and nimbu paani.

Beauty tip:
"Girls should use electric coloured kajal pencils, as colour can add spunk to an entire outfit! It's best not to use oil-based foundations in the summer, as it might run," advises Shraddha. 

Sarah Jane Dias

Last seen in:

b"Less is more."

Summer is the opportunity to take a dip in the pool! To keep her workouts interesting, Sarah constantly varies her routine by mixing weights, cardio, yoga, kickboxing and even dancing.

Sarah tries to eat small meals as often as possible. She swears by Karela juice to kick start her day. Rich in vitamins B12 and C, it helps build immunity, as well as detoxifying the entire system. Summer is the time for keeping things light, including workouts, make-up and food. She also drinks four to five liters of water, cucumber and pineapple juices, everyday.

Beauty tip: Sarah suggests eating lots of fresh fruits and yoghurt. "Apply less make-up to look natural. Stick to a simple gloss-mascara-blush routine," she adds.

Dipannita Sharma

Last seen in:  Khatron Ke Khiladi

Wellness mantra: "Break free from trends. You need to be able to look in the mirror and say yes, I like that!"

Summer is being able to jump in the pool! "There's nothing greater than being able to get a full body workout without even breaking a sweat!" says Dipannita, who doesn't believe in intense workouts, and prefers doing a dance class or Tai-chi, interspersed with the occasional run.

Dipannita believes in moderation, rather than following diet fads. While she loves burgers and fries, in the summers she eats less and drinks lots of cool drinks. She also tries to keep away from spicy food, which heats the system up too much.

Make-up tip:
"Keep make-up light and clean in the summer." During the day, the model suggests using sunblock and lip balm, and mascara and gloss by night. Milk is an excellent toner; use it to keep your pores cleansed. Dipannita Sharma's Hydrating Face Mask For a natural summer glow Combine a few drops of glycerine with the juice of half a lemon, and rose water as required. Gently apply the mixture on the face before going to bed. Rinse it off in the morning for a natural glow.

Rana Daggubatti

Last seen in: Dum Maro Dum

Bollywood's latest southern import has made heads everywhere turns with his performance in Dum Maro Dum. It seems fitness is key to his impish charm and good looks. Cardio and weight training 6 days a week pretty much sums it up.

Wellness mantra:
"Make fitness a part of your system and ultimately it will give you more energy to do what you do."

Summer is very dry. It gives Bollywood's latest southern import the opportunity to go for a run at 5 am in the morning. "Post seven in the morning, it's too hot to do anything outdoors," says Rana.

Diet: Rana follows a strict low-crab diet, high in protein and makes it a point to cut out crabs post 5 pm. In summers, Rana drinks lots of coconut water and watermelon juice. He also has to fight intense mango cravings, as he doesn't like to over-heat his body, given his high protein intake.

Workout tip:
"Don't make excuses regarding your workout, getting there is most important. Also, keep you well-hydrated, especially in the summer," suggests Rana.

Ryan Reynolds

Last seen in:

Wellness mantra:
"I would never do a workout if I didn't think it was fun."

Summer is the opportunity to enjoy a little 'fun' cardio, in the form of running, since he can't get enough of open spaces. Ryan works out for two hours every day starting with sit-ups and moving on to weight training.

Diet: The 34-year-old Canadian actor is not too strict with his diet, but restricts his fat intake to 20%, and eats every two or three hours, irrespective of the weather. Small, frequent meals help to prevent fat accumulation, believes Ryan, who battles "ice cream urges" in the summer. Guess you don't get to become People's Sexiest Man Alive without will power!

Workout tip: "If you like lean, clean-cut muscle mass eat eight to ten small meals a day and never starve your body of carbohydrates!"

Hugh Jackman

Last seen: Shaking a leg with Shah Rukh Khan and Vidya Balan at the FICCI Frames 2011

Fitness: Ripped biceps, check. Killer abs, check. This wolverine's body is unstoppable when it comes to amassing some serious muscle and it takes hard work to get there, but he sure enjoys it.

Wellness mantra: "I work out to feel good first. How my body looks is just a byproduct of that."

Summer is the perfect excuse to avoid hitting the gym, unless he simply HAS to pump iron. Hugh prefers doing trapeze work instead, which makes him flexible and strengthens his core muscles. He also enjoys body surfing, which is basically riding the waves minus a surfboard. It's fun and works wonders for his fitness!

Diet: The 42-year-old follows a diet that's high in protein and only consumes whole foods, which are foods that are unrefined or processed. In summer, he ups his water and peppermint tea intake, and cuts out calorific sodas, which considerably reduces his sugar intake.

Workout tip: "Get out of the gym and play sports, individual or otherwise. Things like trapeze workouts help your balance and overall coordination. So, it's a good practice in general."

Matthew Mcconaughey

Last seen in: Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

Fitness: The poster boy of outdoor living, he lives for the sunshine. In fact, we wonder how out of shape he'd be if he lived in Alaska?

Wellness mantra:
"Whether its dancing, running, swimming, or loving, my rule is to break at least one sweat in the day!"

Summer is everything! It would be blasphemy to catch him doing bench-presses at the gym. He maintains his killer physique courtesy calisthenics, exercise moves that use one's body weight as resistance. The 41-year-old enjoys doing push-ups by the beach, pull-ups at the park and cycling.

Diet: Matthew restricts his carbohydrate intake by following a low-carbohydrate, high-protein diet, and cuts out sugars, as far as possible. In summers he ups his water intake by a few liters, since he spends so much time in the sun.

Workout tip: "Think about how exercise is rewarding you both physically and psychologically, and make sure they are coordinated. Also, push your limits, add adrenaline to your workouts and use what's around rather than depending on gyms and their tools."

Rahul Khanna

Last seen in:
Wake Up Sid

Wellness mantra: "Finding something challenging that I will enjoy is imperative in my workout. No one should do something they're going to dread."

Summer is getting out of an air-conditioned environment, which he loathes, and breaking into a real sweat. Though he would love to take advantage of the warm weather and move his workout completely outdoors, space constraints keep Rahul inside. He works out five days a week alternating between functional training styles with his home trainer and more traditional weight exercises at the gym. 

Diet: Rahul has recently cut out wheat entirely from his diet, as he believes the body is not designed to digest such complex foods. This has made his digestive system function better. In summers, Rahul takes 1,000 mg of water soluble Vitamin C every morning to keep his immunity strong. He also tanks up on lots of water and fresh fruit juices.

Workout tip: "Turn off the air-conditioning and let yourself sweat. It's the best way to detox your system!"