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Go nude to avoid getting pregnant in your teens, say nudists

Publish Date: 18 Dec 2012, 06:57 PM
Last Updated: 18 Dec 2012, 06:57 PM
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Go nude to curb teen pregnancy: Nudists
Go nude to curb teen pregnancy: Nudists

London: A more relaxed approach to naked bodies can help curb increasing number of teenage pregnancies, say nudists. The British Naturist Society insists that it was no coincidence the highest number of teens got pregnant in the “least liberal” countries.

“Anyone who advocates prudery should be required to stand in front of a group of pregnant teenagers and explain why it is that, in countries such as Denmark or the Netherlands, most of them would not be pregnant,” the Sun quoted the society as saying in a paper submitted to the Scottish Government.

“There is strong evidence that conventional attitudes towards the human body contribute significantly to a wide range of problems, some of them serious - but there is incredible reluctance to face the implications.

“Westminster Government figures published recently show that the UK has the worst teenage pregnancy figures of any country in Europe, while the figures are even worse in Scotland.

“The UK is probably the most censorious country in Europe about anything to do with the body.

“This pattern of less body tolerance, worse outcomes is repeated across the Western world. Our research shows conclusively that this is no chance connection,” said Andrew Welch, commercial manager of the British Naturist Society.

The comments were made in a seven-page document lodged with the Scottish Government, which this month closed consultation on proposals to improve the lives of children.


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