The recent Church circular appealing people to vote for secular parties is "shot in arms" for the newly formed political outfit, which has "complete secular credentials" as against the rivals, GDF president Dayanand Narvekar said in statement issued here.

"My thirty years in public service are a clear testament that I have never ever distinguished people on the basis of religion, caste or financial standing before helping them," said Narvekar, who is contesting from North Goa seat.

The former state finance and health minister said, “Projecting Narendra Modi as the Prime Ministerial candidate itself is a clear indication that BJP can't claim to be secular.”

Goa Church, in its recent pre-poll statement, had suggested that people should vote for those upholding humanity and democracy.

From the time of our forefathers, in Goa, we have inherited secular society, Narvekar said.

"Communalism and corruption are attacking the heart of Goa," he alleged.

Goa Church, which wields considerable influence among community members, who comprise 27 percent of the coastal state's nearly 1.5 million population, recently said that the people should vote for ‘secular’ candidates.

In its statement, the religious institution apparently took a dig at Modi, saying the Lok Sabha election campaign is titled in favour of one individual to make it look like a presidential contest.

Goa, with two Lok Sabha seats, will vote on April 12.


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