"Those who think that just because we have freedom of speech and a person like Kanhaiya can say anything... that will not be tolerated," Arlekar told a select group of youngsters at a function organised in Panaji by the Nehru Yuva Kendra yesterday

"All these thoughts come from samyavaad (communism). It is important to read Babasaheb Ambedkar's thoughts about it. It is time to introspect and see where communism is leading us... Is communism taking us down the right path," the minister said.

Kumar, who heads the Jawaharlal Nehru University Students Union (JNUSU), was arrested on February 12, on charges of sedition. The saga of his arrest and his subsequent release on bail has sparked a debate on the sedition law and freedom of speech.

"What does this type of freedom of speech mean? Does it mean you can say anything? After the function is over, I will walk over to the road and abuse everyone. Is this my freedom of speech. Are the rights of other people not protected? Freedom of speech is in relation to the rights of other people," he said.


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