"The festival will be a host to various world's best Djs and bands like Alisa, Dolphin, Parikrama and DJ sets by Karsh Kale, Mara, Kohra, Janux, XP Voodoo, Christ Burstein FT, Victoria Bourke, Bhavishyavani Future Soundz FT. M. Mat. It will be held from January 24-25," Chairman of the festival Vinod Ganjoor said here on Tuesday.
He said the festival will be a soulful confluence of music, energy, food, sea, shells and everything and will serve music lovers a quality time with friends and family.

"We intend to deliver a fun, cool experience and a wider repertoire of sounds than is the norm nowadays. We have tried-and-tested bands like Parikrama and Alisa who have huge fan bases, hip bands like Madboy/Mink and F16s, and world sounds from Farafi," he said.
The electronic stage will boom to the sounds of champion crowd-pleasing DJs like Karsh Kale, Avalon, and Kohra, Ganjoor added. The festival was launched as 'Great Live Music' in 2013 where the spotlight was on musical talent across genre.

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