Panaji, May 19: Goa government has decided to introduce e-RC (electronic Registration Certificate) books for all vehicles registered in the state which will record the history of the vehicle, including the accidents and offences in connection with it.

State Transport Director Arun Desai said that the e-RC books would be introduced after six months, which will do away with the traditional booklets that has record of the owner and other details of the vehicle.

Desai added that e-RC books will have a feature wherein offences or accidents committed using the vehicle would be recorded on it, in a digitised format. The law enforcement agencies would be provided palm-size decoders which can read the records embedded in the chip.

Goa has already introduced licences which are in the form of smart cards in which the information about the licence holder is recorded in the digitised format. Desai said the new smart card would be introduced soon, which will also record the details about offences committed by the licence holder.

Transport department officials feel that e-RC book and smart car licence would help the law enforcers to take action against the trucks carrying iron ore, which are often involved in offences like overloading or accidents.  "We will come to know through e-RC book as to how many times the truck has been fined for overloading. The habitual offenders will not be able to skip the eyes of the officers," he said.

The department has already begun drive to take action against the trucks which are overloading the ore.

Desai said that the department will be issuing e-challans because of which the offenders will have their crime reported on the smart cards and also on e-RC books.


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