Panaji: Dempo SC coach Armando Colaco who was on a five day tour to Denmark to study the academy and coaching at the FC Mitdjylland club In Iskat, Herning Denmark was impressed with the way they have been coaching the youth.

"Its a right academy model for nurturing the youth of Dempos in particular and Goa, India in general," said the interim coach of India Armando Colaco with whom their club have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with regards to exchange of players at both the sides, study of marketing and training of coaches.

They believe in the same philosophy as we do believe here in Dempos. Play from behind by keeping the ball possession, build up patiently, spread the game, overlapping, crossing from the wings, cutting back and strong finish.

"They also believe in having dreams and keeping the players happy at all times without any pressure, the way we do at Dempos allowing the players to express freely themselves on the ground," stated Colaco.

"This Academy along with the personnel is incredible, I have no words to express to see how happy I am after going through the academy workouts by the coaches, especially Tony
and Lars. They are all full of warmth and enthusiasm, just the way we are at Dempos. Eighteen playgrounds and fantastic academy set up. Its really great, this tie up, a dream come true for our boys."

"All along in my coaching instructions to the aspiring coaches, I always used to talk about Ajax model but now after seeing it in Herning personally, I have to start talking about this FC Midtjylland Youth Academy."

"I have been given to understand that even Ajax and Juventus have started asking them how they have been able to sell 68 players within just a short span of time," stated Colaco.

"The way I have seen and analysed U-14 and U-15, we can definitely send three or four boys at the moment who will do much better in the future than the ones who are there.

I have spoken to Soren in this regard and he has agreed to allow few of our young boys in the Academy in spite of Jens having a different opinion," he said.

Jens says that once the boys come and go they wont be able to go back again, something which we have to sort it out.

Their U-17 and U-19 Academy boys are a bit stronger and it will be difficult for our boys to compete with them because of our biological growth but nevertheless, there is plenty of youth potential a great belief in me that after ten or fifteen years we will be able to sell one or two of our players to European countries.

The very first important thing to do is the ground and the Academy.

Soren has told me that the architect who build the stadium at Herning is very eager to come to India and do the planning for us.

I feel we must built the same type of stadium and the academy quarters the they have it there.

The coaching staff behind this project must be equally good if we have to make a mark in the world and that is the reason why I have recommended Cajetan Fernandes and Gavin Araujo, two Youth coaches to help Mathew immediately to work in this project.

"Its a pity that I had to go late due to circumstances beyond my control to see the FC Midtjylland academy but if I had to go there earlier, I would have definitely turned down
the India team offer to concentrate fully on this great project," stated Colaco.