The revelation of existence of ‘God Particle’ has established a fact that the life is formed out of something which governs the presence of atom giving rise to living and non-living things. Whether we call it a key particle or sub-atomic or Higgs-Boson particle, it cannot be ignored that the Indian scriptures have already written on this cosmic fundamental truth at length from time immemorial. Our Indian scholars, thinkers and religious leaders have been guiding human race here or else to understand the fundamentals of life and existence of divine force theoretically, which of course, inspired us to perceive with a proof.

Lord Krishna says “ Eshwarah Sarv Bhutanam Yah Pashyati Sah Panditah” – God resides in every particle or life, one who sees that is a Scholar. How interesting it is – a God Particle is same in all, it permeates the Cosmos, each and every being. Life force or a vital force in every living or non-living did not make discrimination, rather it has promoted the process of evolution where we have started understanding and exploring the very base of life provided we do not forget the purpose of life – to live and let others live.

The scientific explorations and spirituality together will make wonders, this was prophesied by Master of  Science Albert Einstein. Isn’t an eye-opening to all of us ? A person spending his lifetime in impeccable  scientific pursuit could realize to express the startling fact, how spirituality and science are, in fact complementary to each-other.

The depletion of natural resources, division on the name of religion and exploitation of humanity would certainly hinder the path of life-sustaining force and the purpose of Cosmic Power in the form of God Particle to perpetuate life to higher level of evolution should not be defeated. Love all, Serve all.

Dr A Jha
Editor, Jagranpost