The incident happened with Anuj Chauhan who placed an order of a Wi-Fi router worth Rs 1145. He would not have thought that Paytm, a popular e-commerce site will reward him with an expensive laptop worth Rs 30,000.

On April 10, Anuj placed the order for Wi-Fi router from Paytm but to his surprise the company delivered a Dell laptop on April 16.  

Confused Anuj asked the delivery boy that if he is sure this is his order. The delivery boy assured him and made him check his personal details. Well, don't miss the funniest part. When Anuj checked the laptop, it  had  the bill of router with its price written on it.

These days more and more people rely on online websites to shop for their products. These online websites often deliver wong item like a shampoo instead of soap, nail colour instead of cream but laptop instead of Wi-Fi router is the biggest goof up ever happened for sure.


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