Uttarkashi/Dehradun: Nature's fury has devastated the serene region of Uttarakhand encompassing the majestic Kedarnath temple, which has got submerged in about 10 feet of debris, turning the area into a ghost town. Interestingly, both the sanctum sanctorum and the shrine bell are safe.


The temple, though seemingly resilient from outside, bore the brunt of the rampaging flood waters as its ground floor is almost completely submerged below slush. Meanwhile, the Shivlinga had not gone under the sludge and remained crowned by offerings of belpatra.

Locals believe that the eviction of idol of Dhari Devi, considered to be the guardian deity of Uttarakhand, on June 16, a day before the cloudburst, was the reason behind this disaster.

The shrine was shifted for a hydel power project in the region. A sign of Goddess Kali, Dhari Devi is known for the protector of the Char Dhams. Devotees are of view that the state had faced the Goddess’ ire as she was shifted from her original place.

It’s said that a similar attempt by a king in 1882 had resulted in a landslide that had flattened Kedarnath.

Noting that Kedarnath town has suffered the worst damage, Uttarakhand Chief Minister Vijay Bahuguna has said, "It's very tragic that so many people have died in this calamity. It will take a long time to rebuild Uttarakhand." There will be no Kedarnath Yatra for at least next two years, he said.

The Kedarnath temple, one of the four holy dhams, including Badrinath, Gangotri and Yamunotri, is located at a height of about 3550 meters above sea level. An idol of Nandi situated at the temple's entrance is intact, but surrounded by slush.

The 8th century samadhi of Adiguru Shankaracharya, which was located in the vicinity of the Kedarnath temple, was washed away by the flood waters. Two statues of Shankaracharya, a Hanuman statue and a ling were swept away in this calamity.


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