Jaipur: In a recent development in the multi-crore Gold Sukh fraud case, the directors of the Gold Sukh Trade India Limited after swindling crores of rupees from their investors in India were planning to dupe people in Thailand.

The Jaipur police investigating the fraud was shocked to find out that one of the directors, Manvendra Singh, had registered a company titled 'Gold Sukh Thai Private Limited' and planned to swindle people in Bangkok.

However, they were nabbed by the Jaipur police before the fraudsters could execute the plan.

The police also gave details of mastermind Manvendra Singh’s three more bank accounts in which he had deposited Rs 16 lakh.

The kingpin Manvendra admitted that fearing possible arrest he was preparing to establish his base in a foreign country. He even started making trips to Bangkok about one and half years ago and established good terms with a Thai local named Porpal Merksarikul.

The accused tricked the local people of Thailand by showing a fake online website of his company and convinced him to be a partner of the company to which Porpol agreed.

Thereafter, Porpol was named the director of the company and his wife was made a stake holder. The company was registered with the Department of Business (Thailand) on February 24, 2011 after documents and other formalities were completed.

JPN/ Bureau