As we are heading towards the fading age of Indian comics, let's look back to some of our favourite books to revive the childhood memories:

Nagraj, most popular fictional character among boys, was the longest-lived action superhero.

Chacha Chaudhary:
Comic named upon was a middle-class old man known for his intelligence and problem-solving attitude. Sabu, an alien from Jupiter planet, was an aide to Chacha and was famous for his physical strength.

Pinki, a funny five-year-old girl, was famous of messing things around her neighbourhood.


Lotpot comic gave story of two funny brothers, one fat and another slim, involved in silly plots.


The comic was hit in 90s as the character 'Billoo' was a fun-loving and popular boy among girls. He always remained accompanied by his gang and pet 'Moti'.

Nandan magazine provided poems, games, colouring pages, stories, interactive columns and much more at a single platform and so was hit among kids and teenagers.

Most popular magazine among small kids was short-sized Champak that provided a mix of short interesting stories, puzzles, brain teasers, comic strips and jokes.

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