Poor health services continue to deteriorate in Uttarakhand. It is not as if schemes are not formulated for their revival, but they usually see their end even before being executed. Another scheme has been made and people are being shown golden dreams about it. National Rural Health Mission’s community health monitoring system will now evaluate the various health services in the state and then a plan will be formulated to improve the services. The intention of this measure is certainly noble but will it come to fruition, especially in the given situation where the health sector is completely bed-ridden?

No doubt there are government hospitals on Block level but they are not in a condition to treat the sick. While things may be a bit better in urban areas, the situation in hilly regions is worrying. Most hospitals neither have enough doctors nor medicines. Not surprisingly, the residents of these areas are forced to turn to quacks who have opened shops at every nook and corner.

Though the government keeps on harping about steps taken to improve health services and launches fresh schemes for the same, all plans come to a naught when they are actually put into action. That hospitals in hills still await doctors is a measure of performance of various schemes. Thus, it is not entirely wrong to doubt if yet another scheme will work. What use are such schemes if they don’t work? It is important to first get the basics right. If the foundation is not strong, the structure’s strength will be doubtful too. Hopefully, the government will take a serious note of the situation otherwise the scheme of rejuvenating health services will remain just another golden dream.