New Delhi: UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi may have even questioned on the privileges of ministers but after GoMs chipped in with their suggestion, the Congress per se believes to find a middle way instead of scrapping them.
In fact, GoMs are not in favour of putting an end to the privileges of ministers, while the Congress mentioning the limitation of government looks forward to finding a solution. Earlier, Sonia proposed to scrap the privileges of ministers, which was informed to all the chief ministers of the party.

The government had constituted GoMs under the stewardship of Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee in order to weigh the pros and cons of the proposal.

Several ministers stated, “There should be judicious approach while using privilege but it would be unfair to end it.”

About four dozen ministries said privilege gives special right to ministers to impart their duties in certain circumstances. Planning Commission, Urban Development, Rural Development and Ministry of Mines have not given any comment in this regard but they are believed not to be divergent on the matter.

Sonia said, “The privilege is potent cause of corruption, so some other measures should be opted.”

However, the Congress well knows the constraints of the government. Manish Tiwari, party spokesman, indirectly showed sympathy for the government. He said, “The government is in the know of Sonia’s intent and trying hard to overcome corruption. But the government has its own way of working and limitation.”