"The country's farmers are passing through a difficult phase, Paddy is not selling, sugarcane growers not getting the price for their produce. Soyabean is cheap but soyabean oil is costly, cotton is cheap but clothing expensive. Such is the sorry state of affairs,”  Singh said.
"Good days have arrived only for a handful of big industrialists close to PM Modi and not for the common man," he added.
The Congress general secretary who was here to take part in a function to mark the birth anniversary of Acharya Pramod Krishnam also accused Modi of making of a U-turn on most issues including that of Adhar card or LPG subsidy.
"The Prime Minister is pursuing the same UPA policies today which he was opposing not long ago, be it Adhar card or subsidy on LPG cylinders," he said.
Taking on Ramdev, Digvijay said before Lok Sabha polls the yoga guru did not tire of claiming that there were 400 lakh crores of black money stashed away in tax havens abroad.
"Where is he today? Why is he shying away from explaining where those figures came from?" he asked.
"Those who talked of development before Lok Sabha polls are back to doing the politics of religion and communal divide. Savarkar was the first man who used the word Hindutva and BJP latched on to it to spread the poison of hatred countrywide for political gains," he alleged.
Terming the case of Robert Vadra's alleged land deals as politically motivated, Digvijay said the BJP's chant has begun again with elections round the corner.
There is no case against Vadra, he said and dared the party in power to lodge a case against him if it had evidence. "Muddying someone's name for electoral gains is not correct," he said.

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