Kolkata: By cracking the whip on few senior ‘Burra Sahibs’, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banjeree has made her intentions clear on a good governance to ameliorate the prevailing poor conditions in the state.

Assuring the people of leaving no stone unturned in her efforts to ensure good governance, the CM has claimed to set up a Super CMO which will be enshrined by some talented and competent bureaucrats. After taking over the reins of the state, the CM herself has realized the importance of good governance.

Mamata said, “There is lack of infrastructural necessities in the offices.” Taking a swipe at the CPI (M), she quipped, “It is impossible to believe that a party had been ruling the state under such circumstances for the past 34 years.” 

Revealing her plans, she said, “I am preparing a super CMO by including efficient bureaucrats, without whom it would be difficult to give a final shape to the projects.”

She instructed the police department to work with an impartial approach, and laid a special emphasis on speeding up the projects carried out by Health and Education department.

After reshuffling few senior bureaucrats in the Environment, Tourism and Cultural Ministries along with some senior level officials in the Chief Ministerial Secretariat, she gave an indication that only reliable and competent officials will be included in her team.

In a meeting with the government employee unions which included pro and anti CPI (M) supporters, she gave a clear indication of a change in the work culture.

Mamata said, “The issue whether a government employee is associated with a political party or not is of least concern, but they should all work for the benefit of people.”

(JPN/ Bureau)