In the recent past, in an international platform, Deutche bank CEO Joseph Acermasn had said, the presence of women in his team contributes to their excellence. This statement became controversial and speared worldwide debate on it. Everyone started describing the statement in their own words. However, it was said that Joseph’s statement was projected towards beautiful faces and presentable individuals. That is, ‘jo dikhta hain who bikta hain’. In a way, the new corporate world supports this statement. The policy of many multinational companies is to stress on their employees to develop attractive personalities for better work performance.

Charu Sharma, HR manager in a private company says, “Attractive personalities influence the workplace a lot. The work capability increases if there are a few good looking faces and well groomed personalities in office.” To an extent, this holds true in day-to-day life as well. With a little change in dress or by wearing a favourite dress, one can feel confident and this puts a good impression on others. Who does not like attractive personality and well-maintained look? In the 21st century, career growth does not thrive merely on talent but also depends on a lot many other factors. From dressing sense to body language and communication style, everything holds importance. A complete package is what the corporate world looks for now-a-days. Human resource experts believe that if someone has a talent and attractive personality then the prospect of success is higher for that person. In this context, Sakhi conducted a survey among 1000 people from different sectors in Delhi. Below are the survey reports.

Attractive personality is important

In areas such as client servicing and hospitality industry, a person’s personality contributes a lot towards his or her career growth. In these sectors, success depends a lot on your presentation. Besides, the demand for a good and charming personality is now-a-days seen in each and every professional sphere. Grooming expert Meher Bhasin says, “Whether it is the job of an air-hostess or a software engineer, it is important that you look attractive. Talent does count but personality is also important. In India, personality grooming is becoming a known topic among professionals. This was not so a few years back.

The coming of MNCs to our country has changed the scenario. The youths now know that along with polishing their professional skills they need to groom their personality as well if they really want to do well in their professions.” This may be the reason why many personality grooming schools are coming up in every nook and corner of the city.

Beauty is not the only attraction

Usually people perceive a personality to be attractive if the person has a beautiful face. But in a professional world the definition of personality is a bit different. Meher says, “Personality does not mean attractive face. Face is a natural gift from God but it can be improved. Small cosmetic changes like hair cut can change one’s look. The present day professionals are concerned about their fitness to look good and fit. Apart from this a person’s dressing, ways and mannerism, etiquette and body language are also equally important to attain success in a professional world.” Priya Waarik, an expert from Priya Waarik Finishing School forwards Meher’s point saying, “Personality is as important as talent during an interview. It is tough to judge talent in a few minutes but personality can attract a person in a few seconds. Talent is gauged only after a very long time.”

The magic spell cast by an attractive personality is unique. If such a person comes to your boring office then you are bound to get attracted to that person. Software engineer Geeta Swastik says, “Although our job profile does not require any kind of public interaction, still we are hired on the basis of our personality.

This is so because companies want to hire confident people. If you have a good personality, your confidence will get reflected through your acts and mannerisms.”

In a way, attractive personality can be useful in personal life as well. Sandeep Arora, a public relations executive says, “An impressive personality can attract your attention anywhere, even on the road. I travel by Delhi metro every day. If an attractive girl asks for a seat from a guy then she gets it easily but when an ordinary looking girl does the same she gets brickbats in return most of the times. This difference in response is due to the personality.”

Is personality helpful?

Undoubtedly, companies prefer to hire workers who have attractive personalities. But can personality become the road to success? Regional head (north) of IDBI bank, Mamta Rohit, says, “To an extent, attractive and extrovert personality helps to gain success. But this cannot be the only criteria for success.

There are plenty of cases where unattractive personalities have achieved success. An attractive person can be influential in the initial stage but ultimately talent will speak.”

School teacher Shefali Bannerjee shares a similar view. She says, “The demand of a groomed personality has increased in our profession as well. Obviously if we are well groomed only then we can make children confident. But this does not mean that if a teacher has good manners, good dressing sense and an attractive personality, then she is a good teacher. She must be a master of her subject. Also, she should be capable enough to smartly handle her classroom. Only then she can be considered a good teacher.”

Reason behind gender biasness?

Although the importance attached with personality has increased, there are very few takers for this concept. This conception is given more prominence in big cities while things have not changed much in small cities or towns. Electrical engineer Mohan Pant says, “Most of the norms for attractive personality are such that they are meant to suit girls. Things are yet to change for males. To an extent, this works as a disadvantage for guys. In certain sectors like marketing, girls get preference during recruitment due to their attractive personalities and we are left behind. This is wrong.”

There are exceptions as well

On one hand the whole world accepts that a good personality and beauty can act as a stepping stone to success in the workplace, on the other hand a research has refuted this conception. A study has claimed that only in case of some special jobs good looking girls are likely to receive favour.

The researchers of Colorado University have found out that in male-dominated work field women have to face biasness because in such places looks do not play an important role.

Manager of research and development, finance director, mechanical engineer and construction supervisor are a few posts where females are at disadvantage, according to the study. These posts are mostly offered to males because these require mental as well as physical labour. Here instead of personality, knowledge and a deep understanding of the subject are counted.

Glamour is necessary: Saina Nehwal. badminton player

The importance of personality has increased a lot in the field of sports. This is the reason why designer outfits have made a way in sports as well. Every sports requires sponsorship to thrive and move ahead. 

For this, other than the game, a sportsperson has to pay attention to his or her looks, profiling and brand value as well. Whether we consider it as right or wrong, this is the ongoing trend which we all have to accept. There is no harm in enhancing your look and personality till the time your main work is not getting hampered due to this.

One should be presentable: Vandana Luthra, founder and mentor of VLCC

One needs to have a beautiful personality to be successful, this is not true. But beauty can help you pave a path towards success. However, here the general definition of beauty does not apply. By ‘beautiful’ I mean presentation. If a person has an average looking face, good body language and mannerism and an attractive personality, then he or she gets importance. If we say that looks are not important then it will be wrong. Being in beauty business I can very well say that professionals today pay as much importance to their looks as they do for their career growth. The importance of presentation is increasing in the corporate world with each passing day.

This is a mere social pressure: Dr Jamuna Pai, cosmetic physician

Being attractive gives one an added advantage in all ways in our society. Whether it is searching a job or a life partner, an attractive personality scores over others. Just see the matrimonial websites. The first word is ‘beautiful’. In hospitality and service sector, one gets a job on the basis of an attractive personality. The head of an airline company himself sits in the interview panel to select air-hostesses so that he can recruit only attractive people. Many families approach me to make their daughters look attractive or just bring a glow on their face. Actually, beauty and attractiveness is given a little extra importance in our country due to social pressure. If ten people with equal capability and talent apply for a job, then out of them the one with the most charming personality will get the job. Every Bollywood celebrity works out in a gym for at least two-three hours daily. Even after that if they feel something is lacking in their body or face, they also go for a corrective cosmetic treatment. They are talented, but the desire to look perfect onscreen compels them to resort to all these methods. A good personality can be an important step towards success.

First impression is important: Ramola Bachchan, restaurateur

Those who consider ‘first impression as the last impression’ very well know the importance of an attractive personality. The significance of looks becomes evident when a person appears for an interview. The interview panel has to select 8-10 people from at least 500 people who came for walk-in interview. In such situations, personality gets noticed. The impression left by the person entering the interview room becomes an important deciding factor for him in getting the job. It is obvious that the person who can leave an impression during the interview gets the job.

Talent is the most important thing: Madhuri Dixit, actress

I do not agree with the idea that an attractive personality can catapult you to the pinnacle of success and that beauty can provide a job throughout life. When Rekhaji, Shabanaji, Smitaji entered this film industry the trend pandits wrote them off saying that such simple looking actresses do not fit in the format of a film heroine. They will not be able to survive here. I had read about Hemaji that she was removed from her first film ‘Sapno Ke Saudagar’ because the producer of the film did not like her. But Raj Kapoor pressurised the producer to cast Hemaji in the film. At that time, Rekhaji and hemaji broke all records as far as beauty was concerned. My first film ‘Abodh’ was not getting distributors because the actress of the film was not beautiful as said by them. All I want to say here is that if you have got talent, the desire to work hard and the passion to achieve success then no one can stop you. I had to wait for my film to be successful which was not coming until Tezaab, my eight films. Tezaab’s Mohini became such a hit among the people that they started comparing me with Madhubalaji, which I have not accepted till date. There are many such examples which show that only talent can spell success for you.

Talent pays off at the end: Ranveer Singh, actor

There is a demand for chocolaty faces in Bollywood. That is why, when my face was seen in the promos of ‘Band Baaja Baarat’ on television, the common reaction was ‘Kaise kaise log filmon main aane lagte hain’. I am not even close to the image of usual Bollywood actor. During shooting and till the release of promos of my first film the common perception was that I was good for nothing and my face had no attraction. But as soon as my film released and people saw me and my acting all their notions vanished in thin air. People started appreciating my talent keeping aside my looks. Why only me, even great Amitabh Bachchan was a victim of people’s misconception. When he first joined this industry, people questioned his looks as well. But today he is in such a position that even the word ‘success’ seems smaller in front of his stature. Bollywood is the heart of glamour but even here there are many people who have achieved success without good looks. Therefore I do not think that looks will help you in the long run. Talent pays off at the end.

Talent always bags the top place in glamour world: Sara Jane, former Miss India & actress

Attractive personality is important but not more than talent. Beauty and attractiveness help in earning bread and butter in glamour world. But even here talent is not under-rated. Talent will fetch its own place whether beauty accompanies it or not. If you look at the list of successful personalities of our country, you will find very few people in the list who are good looking and attractive. But these are the people who have added new meaning to success. Though I may say this but on the other hand magazines like Sports Illustrated force you rethink about your conception that talent is only enough to attain success. Sports Illustrated is a sports magazine but it also publishes bikini shots of models which proves that the importance of looks cannot be sidelined.

Good looks do not last forever: R Madhavan, actor

If you see me off-screen, you will hardly believe that I look like an actor. There are a few people who have good looks and can attract your attention from a distance. But there are even those who have to create attraction through their work. I am not hero material but still people like me as an actor. Hero image lasts only for a short time. So, I do not consider looks to be important.


Survey by Sakhi
Are good looks important for success?
YES-72 NO-28
Sakhi’s analysis: Whatever may be the profession, looks and personality to a great extent help in forming an impression on others. Its impact is actually visible.
Can people achieve success with the help of an attractive personality?
YES-80 NO-20
Sakhi’s analysis: In a few professions, looks and personality are very important to achieve success. In other places, looks might not play such important role but the person’s presentation, body language and self-confidence do speak.
Is first impression impactful?
YES-92 YES-8
Sakhi’s analysis: Whether it is a job interview or a meeting, first impression works most of the time.
Is grooming be more important than talent?
YES-38 YES-62
Sakhi’s analysis: Many-a-times, grooming can glorify talent. Grooming may not be more important than talent but in today’s world it is really important for success.
Can beauty overshadow talent?
YES-88 YES-12
Sakhi’s analysis: Nothing can replace talent. For a brief period, beauty may overshadow talent but in the long run the former’s shine will fade away in front of talent.

What does survey say…

Good looking bosses are more competent

The findings of ‘Work and Power survey’ by Elle/ shows that good looking bosses are more competent, collaborative and better delegators than their less attractive counterparts. Another significant finding is that most women believe they are judged in the workplace on the basis of their looks. Good looks appeared significant to both men and women and the workplace. About 58 percent of female bosses who were rated as attractive got high marks for competence, compared with 41 percent of "average-looking" female bosses and only 23 percent of unattractive supervisors. Among people with male bosses, 61 percent who rated their supervisors as good-looking also found them competent, compared with 41 percent for the average types and 25 percent for those rated unattractive.

Courtesy: Sakhi