Claiming Modi to be her husband, Jashodaben likes to read more about him and is quite sure that he is becoming the country’s next Prime Minister.

In an interview given to a leading English daily, Jashodaben said that after being separated from Modi, she might have never been in touch with him but she likes to read about him in papers and watches him on television.

Jashodaben said that she was married to Modi when she was 17 and got separated three years later. She said that in three years of association, they were together for just three months. There has been no communication between the two since then.

“I have never gone to meet him and we have never been in touch. I just wish that he progresses in whatever he does. I know he will become PM one day!” Jashodaben said.

Revealing more about her married life, Jashodaben said that they parted on good terms. She also said that Modi kept persuading her to complete her studies.

Jashodaben, 62, is now a retired teacher and gets a monthly pension of Rs 14,000. She now spends much of her time in prayers.


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