Interested users may simply tap the pre-register icon to show their interest. Pre-registration is free for Android customers, and there's no obligation to download or buy the app once it is live.

The process sets up an alert that prompts a user once the app is available. It is not a lock-in, since users can cancel their interest if they have a change of heart, TechCrunch reported.

Pre-registration could be useful for games that are timed for release alongside films or big budget productions that want to drive up interest and hype pre-launch.

Google has also rolled out its first app for the Apple Watch which is an update to its Google News & Weather for iOS app. Google News and Weather offers news on the Apple Watch, but only headlines are present. User will not be reading full news stories of the day.

The app offers news summaries from 65,000 publications, with headlines grouped into categories like 'Technology,' 'Sports,' or 'Fashion,' for example.

Users can also customize the stream of news and weather information based on their section and area of interest.

The Google News & Weather app is new to iOS as well as it was released on the closed-source platform only last fall.

Its version for the Apple Watch offers users the ability to swipe through the top headlines from the watch's small screen. You can browse through the dozen headlines horizontally and scroll down to see an accompanying photo for each story.