Android Pay: Left off on Lollipop, one of the big introductions of Android M is Android Pay. It will be pre-installed on Android 4.4+ devices and will be supported on devices with NFC running Android KitKat and above without opening any app.

More control over App permissions:
In Android M, permissions will work much more like iOS. You can install an app without giving it a bunch of permissions right off the bat. When it wants to use your microphone or camera, for example, it will ask you when the app needs it.

Chrome custom tabs: The best part is that the app asks Chrome to pre-fetch the content so that it loads nearly instantaneously when you click the link. That link will now have a snazzy new animation that opens into Chrome.

End of passwords and PINs for certain phones: Android M will be the first version of Android that supports fingerprints at the API level. That means if your phone has a fingerprint scanner, apps can use your fingerprint for authorization instead of a password or PIN.

Directly send stuff to common contacts: The Share menu in Android is already pretty cool, but it can also be a hassle to send photos or links to common contacts. Android M has a new feature called Direct Share which gives you quick links to sharing messages with a specific person via a specific app.