Google says that the effect is even more dramatic on complex web apps. The company wrote in a blog post that in the case of Gmail the users can free up nearly a quarter of the memory used by the tab.

Also, Chrome now stops Flash animations that are not central to a web page, reducing power consumption. When the user's restarts the browsers after quitting Chrome accidentally or due to a crash, Chrome will now restore their tabs in the order they viewed them.

Google also released a new feature on its search engine that presents the users with some random 'fun facts'.

According to the Engadget, when the users type 'fun facts' on the Google homepage, the search engine will serve the users with a new type of answer box filled with a random tidbits from the millions of websites that Google can search.

The source of that particular information will be given below, followed by a blue bar with the option to 'ask another question'. When the users click on that they will be presented with yet another random piece of information, with the 'I'm feeling curious' query in the search field.