On New Year Eve 2013, Google has showcased a special disco dancing doodle. The doodle depicts numbers 2-0-1-3 moving on the dance floor, while the digit 4 is waiting alongside.

A click on this disco dancing animation will redirect you to a webpage that showcases New Year Eve festivities, news, articles and different related results from across the world. Google has been following the tradition of posting New Year Eve doodle since a while now; this is followed by another doodle on New Year’s Day.

“What did the world search for this year? Remember the moments of 2013,” says the caption at the bottom of the Google homepage. The caption is linked to Google Zeitgeist 2013 page, containing the 2013 YouTube video with highlights of the current year.

In Tuesday’s Doodle, Google is inscribed in a very interesting manner where the letter ‘O’ represents a disco ball. As the cursor is moved upon the doodle, it reads ‘Happy New Year!’.