On the occasion of Children's Day and the 126th birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Google has selected a winner for annual Doodle for Google contest and promoted the image on its homepage. It has a doodle drawn by 9-year-old P Karthik from Sri Prakash Vidyaniketan, Visakhapatnam.

Every year, Google invites entries for the doodles that later on appear on their homepage to celebrate various events throughout the year. This year, the theme for the doodle was, 'If I could create something for India, it would be '.

Karthik's doodle, titled 'Plastic to Earth - Machine', came with a caption: 'This mega machine to recycle all the waste plastic from our country and make it into a material which helps the growth of mother nature. This machine will turn the most powerful evil plastic into green.'

In Group 2, which had the theme 'Green City Dream City', winner P Ramya from Prakash Vidyaniketan in Andhra Pradesh made a fantastic doodle showing how renewable energy can be used to make a green city anywhere in India.

In Group 3, winner Ashita Sharma from Mother Mary's School in New Delhi created an imaginative doodle on the theme 'Robots - to transform India'.