London: On this Earth Day, Google Doodle is up with innovative and beautiful pictorial presentation illustrating changes in ecosystem.

April 22, marked as Earth Day, is being celebrated since 1970. The idea coined by Gaylord Nelson, a US Senator from Wisconsin, was adopted as a tool to encourage environmental agenda after witnessing a huge oil spill off the coast of California a year earlier.

This year, internet giant Google has replaced its logo with a time-lapse animation of ecosystem featuring caves, fishes, pond, birds and involvement of all in changing ecosystem to commemorate Earth Day and raise ecological awareness. Google managed to cover different elements of Earth's ecosystem within its doodle, day through night.

Organizers have asserted that first celebration of the event in 1970 saw participation of millions of people across US as it tapped into the rise of hippie culture and anti-Vietnam war protest movements.

"Groups that had been fighting against oil spills, polluting factories and power plants, raw sewage, toxic dumps, pesticides, freeways, the loss of wilderness and the extinction of many species suddenly realized that they shared common values," the official Earth Day website says.

Major Earth Day events have been organized in subsequent years, always on 22 April - the same date as the original event.

In 1990 the event went global for the first time with activities involving nearly 200 million people in 141 countries.

Organizers have claimed that the day is now being observed in 192 countries.


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