Using some of the painter's favourite colours, notably pastels in blue, red, yellow ochre and mud brown, Goodle doodle was an abstract geometrical illustration with circles and Husain's painted portrait holding a brush at the centre.

The search engine called him Picasso of India. "This was partly due to his modernist, slightly cubist paintings and to  the sheer volume of work he produced. His middle name, 'Fida' can be  translated as 'obsessed' or 'devoted' which could also describe his approach to making art”, Google said.

His tryst with painting began when he learnt the art of calligraphy. Painting soon became his passion, and inspired by the changes in India in the late 1940s, he helped found The Progressive Artists Group of Bombay, under which he and his fellow artists attempted to address Indian themes in a modern way and take Indian art to a global audience.

Husain became particularly known for his energetic painting of horses and serial depictions of classic narratives such as the Mahabharata and Indian gods and goddesses. But eventually, the acclaim he received from  his early paintings led him back to cinema.His directorial work included a film -- "Through the Eyes of a Painter."