New Delhi: Google is celebrating 366th birth anniversary of Maria Sibylla Merian (1647-1717) through google doodle. Maria Sibylla Merian is best known for her detailed observations and documentation of the metamorphosis of the butterfly and other contributions to the field of entomology. She is also considered as one of the finest artist-naturalists of her time.

Maria was born on 2 April 1647 in Frankfurt. Her father died in 1651, and her mother married Jacob Marrel, a still life painter. Marrel then encouraged Merian to draw and paint. At 13, she painted her first images of insects and plants from specimens she had captured.

She started to study as well as paint nature and later published first illustrated book called Neues Blumenbuch (New book of flowers) in three parts from 1675-80. Merian had two daughters and was divorced in 1692. After which, she continued working with contemporary scientists of the time.

She kept account of everything she observed and painted, in a book called the Metamorphosis Insectorum Surinamensium (The Metamorphoses of the Insects of Suriname), published in 1705.

The doodle by Google shows butterfly, caterpillars, cocoon, reptiles and insects that are painted on vines that create the company's logo.


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