Today, Google doodle is remembering Malgudi's native son, RK Narayan on his 108th birthday. Narayan who is a well known mastermind of early Indian literature and made most of his stories in the fictional town of Malgudi.

Rasipuram Krishnaswami Narayan aka RK Naraynan was born in Madras (now Chennai) on October 10, 1906. Narayan moved to Mysore from where he graduated in 1930.

After being a graduate Narayan started his career as a journalist and later took to writing novels and his first novel being Swami and Friends in 1935.

According to the critics Narayan is one of the greatest Indian storytellers of the modern era for the simplicity of language and ironical humour with which he narrated his tales about the lives of common people in a small town of India.

His Malgudi Days (shown in the doodle), about life in a small fictional town of Malgudi and written in 1982, was made into a popular television serial.

Happy 108th birthday to RK Narayan!," says Google with a colourfull Google doodle.