Recently, the company has posted several job listings for its Google Glass team on its website.

"The Google Glass division is a world-class team focused on the cutting edge of hardware, software and industrial design. It is charged with pioneering, developing, building and launching smart eyewear and other related products in line with Google's ambitious and visionary objectives," read one of the job postings.

The "human factors designer" position is designated for responsibilities such as drawing "from the field of human factors to inform design direction. Conduct research in human factors and related fields such as anthropometry, ergonomics, biomechanics, etc.”

The "audio hardware manager" enables the person to lead the development and execution of audio hardware solutions into newer concepts and products.

Google Glass was unveiled as a prototype in 2012. It was distributed to a select group of people as part of Explorer programme who paid $1,500 to be early adopters.

On January 19, 2015, Google quietly suspended selling Google Glass to consumers while continuing to support Glass as an enterprise product.

Later, Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt announced that Glass has been put under the watch of Tony Fadell, head of Google's Nest connected home division, "to make it ready for users.”

The tech giant still continues selling Glass to companies involved in health care and manufacturing industries.