This way the industry could meet the global demand of creating more ways to view pornography privately. During an event at the W Hollywood Hotel,, created a promotional shot that showed how Google Glass can be used to shoot porn from a performer's point of view. bills itself as the world's first and one of the largest adult app stores.

Mikandi developed an app exclusively for Google Glass, but there are still legal obstacles to the technology, including Google's policy against content that contains nudity, graphic sex acts or sexually explicit material viewed on its optical display.

Brick Yates, a San Diego-based adult film producer, wore a beta version of Google Glass at the conference. Brick Yates said that he believes that it will evolve with consumer demand.

In another poll about Google Glass, 51 percent said that they thought it was too early to tell if the optical head gear would have an impact, while 35 percent said it was just hype.